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New Career Exploration Course to Run Spring 2024

Not yet sure about your career path after college? You’re not alone.

Truth be told, I was one of those students. I changed majors (more than once) and decided to pursue a career path that I never knew existed before setting foot on a college campus. I was heavily involved on-campus (RA, student government officer, student ambassador, sign-maker for our campus pub, and more) and I was fortunate to have some outstanding supervisors and mentors who helped me along the way as I tried to figure out what I wanted to do.

As a graduate student I got my first foray into career development work. Did I mention that I hadn’t ever utilized the career office when I was in college? Yep, true story.

Anyways, back to grad school. During my second year on-campus, I completed a practicum with the career center at the large, public university I attended. That practicum entailed teaching a credit-bearing career & life planning course for predominantly sophomore students. Resumes and interviews weren’t mentioned even once in the course. The course was all about helping students learn more about themselves and put together a plan for what they wanted to do in the future.

In Spring 2024, our career advising team is launching a new career exploration course here at UMass Lowell. I’m excited that we’re taking this step to support students with their career exploration and decision-making. If you’re uncertain about what lies ahead after UMass Lowell, I hope you’ll consider registering for UMLO.1500 Career Exploration & Planning!

This is a one-credit course, offered on a pass-no credit basis and capped at 20 students per section. We’ll be offering two sections — one on North, one on South.

View UMLO.1500 on the Spring 2024 course schedule.

By Kerry Willard Bray
Kerry Willard Bray Director, Career Services