How to Adjust as an International Student Coming to School in the United States

Adjusting from high school to college is difficult enough for both students and parents. But that adjustment can be even more complicated when a student comes from a different country to study here in the United States.

The following article from Society of Women Engineers (SWE) features many tips to make college transition easier. While this is written in mind for what students can do, we also feel much of this information is valuable for parents who want to know what support systems and other important considerations are in place to help international students.

**Bonus: International students at UML interested in engineering can check out our own chapter of SWE at the university.

To read the full article, you can click here, and you can learn more about what you can do as an international student when applying, before you come to campus, and after you arrive.

By Victoria Barbeisch
Victoria Barbeisch Communications and Program Specialist, Career Services