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Career Advisors Love “What Can I Do With This Major?”: Here’s Why

The Career & Co-op Center has been a long-time subscriber to What Can I Do With This Major? (WCIDWTM) . We’ve in fact used it so long that its use at UML pre-dates any current member of our career and co-op advising teams! This resource is a favorite amongst our staff. WCIDWTM is produced and maintained by the University of Tennessee Knoxville and many career offices across the country subscribe to it because of how helpful it is.

I asked some of my colleagues to share the reasons why they like this tool and these were their favorite highlights:

“WCIDWTM gives great examples of terms and language that can be plugged into job boards to find opportunities or can be used to describe to someone what kind of work you’d be interested
in pursuing.” –  Beth Loell

“I love bringing students to the page who are looking for jobs since WCIDWTM provides niche job boards and professional associations.” – Carla Merkosky

“It’s good for being able to take a step back and see the big picture – WCIDWTM can help shift focus from “the job title” to WHERE do I want to work, WHO do I want to be surrounded by, by showing students the various career paths that can apply to major and the suggested employers. This perspective can be helpful in career-decision making.”  – Jessy Abramson

“It helps individuals to both: 1.) ‘think outside the box’ when it comes to career options, by applying their skills and knowledge broadly , and 2.) narrow down a field by considering specific industries they feel they’d be well-suited to working in. As a bonus, the professional organizations listed lend themselves nicely to networking through the job search process and for gaining insights from professionals in the field.” – Julie Kimball

“Students can use the strategies provided for each area major as a checklist to work towards a particular field.” – Serwa Addae-Adoo

Beyond what others have shared, I’ll add that I think WCIDWTM is great for pairing with Lightcast job trend data to research career options.

As you can see from the feedback, there are a variety of reasons why our team loves What Can I Do With This Major? be sure to give it a try if you think it could be helpful as you explore your career options or when searching for an internship or job.

By Kerry Willard Bray
Kerry Willard Bray Director, Career Services