International Students Seeking U.S. Employment or Experience

Before considering any internships, co-ops, part-time or full-time employment, international students (on an F-1 visa) should always consult their international student advisor to make certain they are eligible to work in the U.S., whether they qualify for curricular and/or optional practical training (CPT and/or OPT), and to understand respective application deadlines, procedures, and other requirements.  

More detail can be found using this link to The International Students and Scholars Office “Employment and Training” information.

On-campus departments searching for interns and part-time student employees utilize the JobHawk website to post their positions for campus employment. Remember to click on “International Students” to search for on-campus department funded positions.

Off-campus employment MUST be supported by either Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Optional Practical Training (OPT) and there are clear guidelines and eligibility requirements regarding each. If a student determines that they are eligible for off-campus opportunities through either CPT or OPT, they can utilize the The  Career & Co-op Center’s  Handshake  system which includes postings of many internship opportunities for students in all majors, in all years. In addition, UMass Lowell’s career fairs attract employers from the region interested in recruiting students for internship opportunities. 

Other helpful resources in addition to Handshake include Going Global, and the Career & Co-op Center’s Job and Internship Search Sites page.