Federal Resume Guide

Federal jobs, especially those applied to through, require a specific approach to your resume. The federal government has a …

Sample Cover Letter 2: Prospecting Letter

PDF: Sample cover letter for an opportunity you learned about through a contact at the company.

Sample Cover Letter 1: Application Letter

PDF: Sample cover letter for an online job, internship, or co-op application.

Career Fair Tips for Employers

Preparation – Tasks

For students to properly prepare to meet with you at the fair, it is very important that …

UML Connect

UML Connect is a place where students, alumni and other members of the UMass Lowell community can connect to share …

Timeline & Cycles of Co-op

UMass Lowell’s Professional Co-op Program runs three cycles of co-op during the year:

Employers may recruit for any and all …

Co-op Employer Policies

Before the Hire:
Job Description

Each co-op job requires a job description. Since students respond better to a concrete description …


Massachusetts needs creativity to compete in a global economy. Culture drives economic growth and prosperity in our communities through more …


Explore creative careers in graphic design, copywriting, social media, marketing, communications, and video.