Posting Jobs

All job postings are published on our career services platform, Handshake. We ask that job descriptions are clear and include …

How Professional Co-op Works

How Professional Co-op Works: A Three-Phase Process

The Professional Co-op Program is a structured program comprised of three required phases:

Each …

Alumni Guide to Career Services

We strive to provide services that help alumni build job search skills and facilitate positive interactions with employers.

Career Resources

Who Can Participate in the Professional Co-op Program

Minimum Requirements to be considered for the Professional Co-op Program

International students can participate subject to guidelines of the UMass …

Informational Interviews

PDF: An informational interview is an interview with someone currently working in a field of interest to you.

Why Participate in the Professional Co-op Program

Through the Professional Co-op Program, students can:

Posting Unpaid Internships

UMass Lowell has multiple programs to support the financial needs of our students working in unpaid internships.  Whether you’re a …

Handling Illegal Questions

PDF: If you are asked illegal questions during an interview, here’s how you can answer them.

Co-op Advising

Students in the Professional Co-op Program are supported by a co-op advisor that provides education, coaching, and ongoing guidance on …