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Posting Unpaid Internships

UMass Lowell has multiple programs to support the financial needs of our students working in unpaid internships.  Whether you’re a non-profit, government, or community based organization, we may be able to financially support a student to work with you. Some of our current UMass Lowell Funded Programs include:

Community Service Federal Work-Study Program – federally funded subsidized student employment program that provides an annual award to eligible undergraduate students. Those that qualify can work during the academic year (Sept-May), an average of 10 hours per week.

Immersive Scholars Program – Selected sophomore students receive an award of up to $4000 for 235 hours of work to be used during the summer or academic year. This averages out to 20 hours per week during the summer or 10 hours during the academic year.

Moloney Student Fellowships – Eligible full-time students are awarded a one-time $2500 stipend to pursue unfunded internships with non-profit and government agencies. This can be completed during the summer or during the academic semester.

To learn more about these programs, you can email