FOCUS® 2 CAREER is an easy-to-use online career self-assessment system that can help you explore your values, interests, personality, and skills and their relation to possible majors/programs and careers. Using self-guided, interactive exercises, FOCUS® 2 CAREER provides links to more than 800 career possibilities, including video links to more than 300 careers.

All information can be saved “as you go” for quick and easy retrieval, and all results can be combined in a personal portfolio. You can print out all your results yourself. We also recommend you meet with a trained career adviser to further explain your results and discuss career planning.

New Users:

  1. Visit UML’s FOCUS® 2 CAREER login page
  2. Scroll down and click the register button
  3. On the next page enter the access code Rowdy and fill in the other required content
  4. Click continue at the bottom and your account will be created

Returning Users:

Access your account anytime by entering your username and password on the log in page for FOCUS® 2 CAREER. The log in is case sensitive. If you forget your user name and password, go to the log-in page to have it emailed to you.

Things to Keep in Mind 

  • Use FOCUS® 2 CAREER on any phone, tablet, or computer anywhere, anytime.
  • FOCUS® 2 CAREER always saves your results and they are stored online and are available to you and the Career & Co-op Center. 
  • You can change your mind about earlier choices, repeat a section and explore new options.
  • Remember to save the majors and occupations that appeal to you as you review them.
  • The main menu layout mirrors the steps of the career planning process. Most students start at the top of the main menu and then work down through the FOCUS® 2 CAREER tools. However, you can complete some or all sections in any order of your choosing.

Interested in discussing your results? Schedule to meet with a career advisor