Energy, Environment & Sustainability

Energy, Environment and Sustainability

This career path is focused on planning, managing, designing and providing scientific research and professional and technical services in relation to natural resources.

While many majors and minors can prepare you for this career path, we find that students studying certain subjects have a natural connection. Common majors and minors related to career in this area include:

  • Climate Change and Sustainability, Engineering (all majors), Environment and Society, Environmental Science, Geology, Meteorology and Atmospheric Science, Political Science

Use the Job Trends tool below to explore the tasks and skills connected to specific types of jobs related to this career path.

Career definition is adapted from the National Career Clusters® Framework.

20 Companies To Check Out If You Want to Work in Energy

If you are interested in energy or environmental roles for your career journey, looking into these 20 companies

By Amanda Teixeira
Amanda Teixeira Assistant Director, Cooperative Education
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Can you really work remotely in a manufacturing role?

But just because many and perhaps even most jobs in a particular sector cannot be performed remotely even part of the time does not mean that all jobs in that sector must be fully in-person. Instead, it is likely that there are some jobs in the sector which can be performed well remotely.

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College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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A Day in the Life : Assistant Wind Developer for an Independent Power Company (Energy)

8:00 AM: After waking up in the Holiday Inn in a remote part of Iowa, you get in your rented SUV and drive into town to have a breakfast meeting at the local diner with the mayor. Your development team …

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7 In-Demand Green Skills Right Now

Every major change in the world impacts the labor market, and climate change is no exception. As environmental crises escalate and new challenges emerge—like meeting the 2030 emission reduction target—companies are pushed to invest in sustainable practices. To navigate …

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Six Cool Summer Experiences for STEM students

Looking for summer experiences on Handshake can be overwhelming, especially at the end of a semester. That’s why we’re here, to help you out by sharing several of the cool summer experiences we have seen come through our office. Here’s …

By Greg Denon
Greg Denon Associate Dean, Career Services & Cooperative Education
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