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There are different schools of thought about graduate school: some say, “Go now while you know how to study!” and others say, “Wait until you really figure out what you want to do, then go if you need to.” Indeed, many graduate programs do prefer it if you have some experience under your belt before starting graduate studies. And, because of the cost, effort, and time required, it makes sense to have a specific goal in mind when pursuing a graduate degree. It never hurts to talk to professionals in your field of interest to find out their perspective on whether grad school makes sense and, if so, when. Of course, talking to a career advisor could help provide some perspective and information as well.

Utilize the resources and advice in this community as you consider whether or not going to graduate school makes sense for you.


What No One Tells You About Financial Health in Medical School and Residency

In Medical School:
Do not accrue credit card debt. This is an incredibly hard task but try to avoid this at all costs. It can be tricky if you’re supporting a family. Get a roommate, make a budget, and stick …

By HospitalRecruiting
HospitalRecruiting is an online healthcare job board for physicians, advanced practitioners, nurses, and allied health professionals. Visit our site to view current medical practice and employment opportunities or navigate to our Healthcare Career Resources Blog for more great articles like this one!
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7 Ways to Prioritize Health and Wellness as a Graduate Student

Graduate students are routinely juggling endless deadlines, classes, and research papers and unfortunately, due to all their obligations, this often leads to sacrificing their own well-being in the process.

Having valuable strategies to help you manage your work-life balance is also crucial.

By Afua Serwa Addae-Adoo
Afua Serwa Addae-Adoo Associate Director, Career Services
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Navigating International Student Precarity in Academia

Working towards widening diverse career options and establishing a more equitable future for international students are key factors in rectifying international student precarity throughout academia.

By Kathy Vaillancourt
Kathy Vaillancourt Coordinator, Cooperative Education
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Starting Off Strong in Graduate School (5 Tips)

The following article written by Ashley Wojcik entitled 5 Tips to Start Your Graduate School Year Off Strong highlights several tricks for managing the beginning of the year, to how to balance the mental load of taking on your graduate work, and how to create emotional space for success.

By Victoria Barbeisch
Victoria Barbeisch Communications and Program Specialist, Career Services
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Mastering the Art of “Walking Through Your Resume” in Job Interviews: A Guide for Graduate Students

As a graduate student on the path to employment success, navigating the exciting yet often daunting journey of securing employment post-graduation, mastering the interview process is paramount to your success. Among the myriad of questions you may encounter, “Walk me …

By Afua Serwa Addae-Adoo
Afua Serwa Addae-Adoo Associate Director, Career Services
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