Alumni of UMass Lowell are important to us. We welcome you to the Career & Co-op Center, and we’re committed to helping you throughout your work life by offering many free services. Please refer to the links below for an overview of how we can assist you in your career development. To see a career advisor, call 978-934-2355 to schedule an appointment.

We also consider our alumni a wonderful resource for current students. Many UMass Lowell alumni generously give their time by sharing their expertise and advice with students, participating in career panel discussions, and generating internship, co-op or full-time job opportunities, and more. If you would like to explore ways to provide professional assistance to current UMass Lowell students, please contact us.

How to Get a Startup Business Loan With No Money?

You’ve got a great business idea and a clear vision of how you want to build it. Now, all you need is the capital to make that happen—because unfortunately, you don’t have any. It’s a tough situation. How do you

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Top 50+ Free Resources for GMAT & GRE Practice

Free resources + tutoring allow you to take advantage of all the amazing free content out there, while also getting the personalized help you need to score your best.

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How to Negotiate Equity Incentives With a New Boss

You’ve got a new job in a company you love and would like to be part of in the long run. But you don’t know how to negotiate for equity with your new boss.

Let’s discuss how you can approach your new boss about equity incentives.

By Ivy Exec
Ivy Exec is your dedicated career development resource.
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Top 10 glamorous education jobs for students, recent grads, and others early in their careers

The field of education, often perceived as traditional and understated, holds a variety of roles that sparkle with a unique glamour, particularly for students, recent graduates, and those early in their career paths.

By College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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Nonprofit Salaries | How to Deal When Your Heart and Budget Collide

Those of us who are drawn to social-impact careers care deeply about the causes our work supports. At the same time, like everyone else, we have bills to pay.

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UMass Lowell’s Career & Co-op Center is pleased to offer a comprehensive recruiting system called Handshake. This system provides customized …

Effective Resume Writing Guide

PDF: Check out our guide to write and format your best resume.


FOCUS® 2 CAREER is an easy-to-use online career self-assessment system that can help you explore your values, interests, personality, and …

Interviewing 101

PDF: The before, during, and after of a job interview.

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