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3 Ways an Undergraduate Resume is Different from a Graduate Resume + Key Tips

As a trained career peer with the Career & Co-op Center, regardless of whether I meet with an undergraduate or graduate student, there are a few things that apply to both groups. That being said, there are other ways that graduate and undergraduate resumes (or CVs) can be different. This is a result of circumstances, work experiences, and other factors that commonly exist between these two groups.

By Sonma Agundu
Sonma Agundu Student Staff - Career Peer
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New Career Advising Model at UML

As we begin the Spring 2024 semester, the UMass Lowell Career & Co-op Center is significantly changing the career advising structure to undertake a targeted, college-specific approach. Staff historically met with students from any degree program to provide one-on-one career …

By Kerry Willard Bray
Kerry Willard Bray Director, Career Services
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5 Tips for a Great Cover Letter (and samples)

Cover letters are a fantastic tool to introduce oneself in the job search process and are as significant as the resume. A cover letter provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate one’s interest in the organization and establish direct connections between the employer’s job description and one’s professional background. A well-crafted cover letter, tailored to the specific job and company of interest, and addressed to the right person, can make a lasting impression on the employer.

By Greg Denon
Greg Denon Associate Dean, Career Services & Cooperative Education
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The Three R’s of Resume Writing

Rather, a great resume features not only the facts about you but considerations of the company, what they are looking for, how they talk about the skills they need, and more. So, our tips for writing a resume often boil down to three starting points or three “R’s”; Research, Reflect, and Report. 

So, let’s go through each “R” to show you practical, actionable advice that will help you write a standout resume for your next application.

By Julie Kimball
Julie Kimball Career Advisor, Career Services
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